Friday, February 26, 2010

Shammy Leveling as Resto

So, after a couple of weeks spent agonizing over the enhancement versus elemental decision and not feeling completely comfortable in either spec, I decided to try a different route and respec'd and gear for resto and tried leveling strictly through the dungeon finder.

I've finally found my groove as a shaman! Leveling through the dungeon finder as a resto shaman has been incredibly fun for me so far. I have no trouble at all keeping the tanks and the rest of the party up - even the bad ones! lol When things do get a little tricky, a quick shot of Nature's Swiftness quickly restores calm to the group. Instant massive heal for the win.

Mana isn't much of an issue so far courtesy of my totems and watershield. So far I've actually found it's better for my mana to keep the healing stream totem down rather than the mana spring totem. The reason being is the healing stream totem easily takes care of the little bit of damage the other group members take, so I don't end up using a cast on them. I'd definitely be interested in anyone's advice on whether this is the right way to go.

I've also been thoroughly enjoying the rogue. With poisons running now, he's a lot of fun in groups and doing really amazing dps generally. Almost always top of the charts, which I still don't even remotely understand for a toon with absolutely no AoE capabilities at this point. So I may focus on these toons a bit this weekend rather than taking the priest of the shelf to level with my son. Although we'll see what he feels like doing. Also planning to run some things on my level 80 druid to get him his last piece of T9 and also hopefully the first level of his Ashen Verdict ring. We'll see how that goes. My original warlock main is feeling rather neglected with his measly two pieces of T9, and he's still seething a little bit that I blew a bunch of his Emblems on a BoA chest piece for the mage rather than a nice shiny set of T9 legs to replace the Valorous Legs that he swears are getting itchy he's been in them for so long. How undead can itch, I'm not sure, but he's been giving me funny looks lately.

Strangely enough, the warlock is really my least favorite toon right now to play in heroics. For dps, I'd rather run either the paladin or the hunter even though they're both extremely undergeared compared to the warlock. Just more fun for me at the moment.

So that's the weekend plans. Will also report out at the end of the weekend on February's leveling pace and whether we're still on track for 9 level 80's by Cataclysm.

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