Wednesday, March 30, 2016

A Return to Garrisons and Leveling

So as I foresaw in my last blog post, I think I've finally reached the point where I've lost interest in SWTOR again, so I've started to pick up my garrison activities and leveling in a bit more earnest now.

I've got two toons to finish up in order to reach the stated goal of having a max level toon of each class for each faction.  My alliance warrior is current at level 87 and working his way through Pandaria.  I've then got a pandaren monk that is sitting in Hellfire Peninsula at level 61.

I've gone back to looking working on my garrison's more regularly to keep the flow of gold coming.  All 11 of my characters on the Horde side have fully outfitted garrisons with all their followers at 675 and all are essentially always maxed on garrison resources as well so they can continue to use the Trading Post to make lots and lots of money.

With those 11 toons, I tend to average somewhere around 6-10K gold per day, so if Legion goes live around the end of September as expected, I should be able to conservatively add another million gold to the pile by then.

I've also started to do the same thing on the alliance side.  At this point, I've only got 6 toons that are fully equipped, 3 that I'm working on and then the two that are still leveling, so needless to say, things aren't nearly as lucrative alliance side for me, but I'm still amassing a pretty reasonable cash horde on the alliance side as well (see what I did there?)

I'm hoping to finish up the alliance warrior sometime in the next week or two and then focus on the monk.


Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Slowing Down on Leveling Alts

So I've really slowed down on leveling all of the various alts.  Without any new content coming out of Blizzard any time real soon, I'm not in a big rush to get a few more alts to max level, only to then wonder what the heck I'm going to do with all of those alts once Legion drops.

I've also actually gotten to the point that I feel like I've accumulated enough gold, so don't even feel compelled to keep logging in for the regular garrison chores.  I'm still accumulating some on my alliance server, so when I do these days, it's typically to just work through the garrison stuff on the 9 max level toons that I have sitting there.

I still have both my alliance warrior and monk to finish up in order to have a different character from each class from each faction at max level.  Plus I've got my 3rd warlock sitting on yet another server.

Right now I've been playing a fair amount of SWTOR, just for the fresh content and storylines, but I expect I may exhaust the solo play end of that in another month or two, which will likely then give me some time to finish up those last few alts before Legion.

Or it's possible that I'll get tired of SWTOR like I did before, although they've really made a lot of improvements to the questing experience and storyline that may keep me engaged for a while.

So that's the update on the Warcraft front for now.  Not much to talk about, because there is really not much going on.  Such is life in the World of Warcraft these days.

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