Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Five Order Hall Campaigns Complete

So I finished my fourth and fifth order hall campaigns yesterday, finishing them up on both the druid and the paladin.

I'm still not particularly enjoying either of those toons this time around, although I've been debating gearing them enough to get into LFR and just try healing on both of them in raid instances to the extent that I want to play them.

For World Quests, not so much.

Both campaigns were pretty good with really interesting endings.  The stories on both were some of the more compelling so far.  The paladin one seems to have a little bit of cross over with the priest one (which I haven't done yet).

Making good progress on the Demon Hunter. He just finished up Stormheim as his second zone and getting ready to start on Highmountain.  He's at level 106.  I've also been working on professions a bit more.  Joar is basically done with all the stuff he needs for tailoring and enchanting (although not maxed on either yet).  The DK is making good progress on blacksmithing and working through all the stuff on alchemy.

My druid is my leatherworker, and there are a ton of quests to do for that one, so that may take some time.  Paladin is making good progress on jewelcrafting.  The only professions that I don't have a start on at this point is inscription and engineering, and both those toons are pretty far down on the leveling list.

Priest will be next after the demon hunter is done.  I'm going to make him a stylish set of 815 gear and then level him as Disc just for fun.


Monday, November 21, 2016

The Angst of What To Do With Alts

This time, more than any other expansion, I find myself torn about what to do with all of my various alts.  I hit 110 last week on my druid, my 5th max level character of this expansion.  Rather than the normal excitement, I find myself confused about what to do next.

In previous expansions, I might start running dungeons and possibly even work on getting a particular character into LFR, but my play schedule doesn't really work for running multiple characters through LFR multiple times, so I'm pretty much doing the raid tourism on my main and that's it.

The other characters I'm contenting myself with regular world quests and emissary boxes.   Normally on my druid, I would heal.  It's what I've done with that toon since Wrath.  So I'm sitting there with a Resto artifact weapon and bags full of tokens that I can use to quickly power that weapon up.  And they are sitting there.

Because powering up my resto artifact is pretty much useless for getting world quests done.  And that's what is creating the angst and the uncertainty on both my druid and my paladin.  Because the artifact weapon that I would rather have powered up for world quests is not necessarily the same one that I'd want powered up for raiding if I chose to do it.

I should probably just content myself with the fact that any raid content that I'm going to see is going to be on either the warlock or hunter and just power up world quest machines on the other toons.  But it's causing me a lot of angst.

Next up for me is the demon hunter.  I'm leveling him as vengeance, because I've generally enjoyed tanking specs while leveling this expansion, and at least so far, the demon hunter is no different.

After that, it's going to be the priest, and then the monk.



Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Fourth Level 110 Done, and Two Legendaries!

So I managed to finish up the paladin last week, and never really did decide throughout the entire process if I liked leveling as ret or prot better.  I kept switching back and forth right up until the bitter end.  For some reason, the paladin didn't feel as good leveling this expansion as it has for me in the past.  Your mileage may vary however.

His total played time to 110 was just about an hour longer than the hunter, and clocked in a 17 hours and 51 minutes.  While it was nice having world quests immediately unlock, I don't actually plan to do them on the paladin at this point.  I may change my mind later, but at least for now, he's going to sit on the bench.

The druid is up next, and I'm leveling this guy as a boomkin.  I went with the druid over the priest because this guy is my skinner and leatherworker, while my priest has the exact same profession set as my hunter.

I've also managed to accumulate two separate legendaries since my last post, one for the warlock and one on the hunter.  Both came out of emissary boxes.

I'm getting really really close to being done with the rep grind for Nightfallen on my main.  He's currently sitting around 18,000/21,000.  I'm looking forward to having that done and unlocking the new 7.1 quest chains for Nightfallen.  Once all of that is done, I might start doing the grind on my death knight as well.  Haven't really decided.

So that's it for this week's update.



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