Friday, January 22, 2021

Third Character to 60 and Progress on Covenant Campaigns

 I managed to get my third character to level 60.  It ended up being the retribution paladin and not the death knight (but the death knight is officially up next now).  I'm now working through the Venthyr covenant campaign on that paladin having already finished Night Fae and Maldraxxus on my previous two level 60's.  As you may have guessed, the death night is going to be Kyrian.  Because that makes sense.

Retribution didn't feel quite as powerful to me while leveling as it has the last couple of expansions.  Now that I'm getting some better gear from the covenant campaign, it feels a little bit better, but still not quite there.  It ended up taking about 30 minutes longer to level from 50 to 60 than my beast mastery hunter did.

The covenant campaigns have been pretty enjoyable.  I've enjoyed all the stories so far and the extra flavor they provide to the game.  Joar is continuing to work through regular stuff like the daily callings and the Bolvar questline, but everyone else is pretty much just getting parked after finishing the covenant campaign.  

I'm making good progress on professions for the three toons at max level so far.  The only thing currently at max level is tailoring, but I'm leveraging the daily world quests to move things along.

I've got 4 more characters to get to level 60 in order to have all the professions fully represented.

There hasn't been much FFXIV these days, but I did go ahead and purchase and subscribe to the Elder Scrolls online and am in the very early stages of leveling a Magicka Sorc.  I realize that's not very warlocky of me, but wanted to try something different, as I always seem to do something warlocky.  Still a caster, so I'm not straying too far afield.

Things have been very busy IRL, so my playing time has been much more limited, so not on my normal break-neck leveling pace for a new expansion.  That's okay though.



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