Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Gearing More Alts for LFR

It seems odd not to have posted in a while, but there just isn't really anything all that interesting to talk about at this point.  I've continued to work my various toons through the Throne of Thunder instance.  My shadow priest managed to get a new weapon out of there on his first run.

My warlock on the other hand, has killed Horridon a total of 10 times, and used his bonus roll each and every one of those times, and still hasn't gotten the weapon to drop. I've also got 7 total Dark Animus kills without the weapon dropping there either.  I have something like 4 different off hands available to use with that weapon at this point...but no weapon.

Ah RNG gods, I hate you.

So I have two toons that are running through ToT, two more (mage and hunter) that are working their way through HoF and ToES to try to get geared for ToT and a total of three that are working their way through MSV (druid, death knight and paladin).  The mage only needs one drop (or some quick August Celestials rep after this patch) to be geared enough for ToT, but the hunter is a bit farther away.

I've also started working on heroics on both the rogue and shaman in an effort to get them geared enough to start running LFR.

Finally, my monk is still working his way through Outlands and is sitting at level 63, still pounding through Hellfire Peninsula.

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