Wednesday, November 22, 2023

Further Progress in World of Warcraft

Last week, I had very little play time because of some work stuff, and then some travel with the Joarlings for swim meets.  I'm back to it this week and have been mainly focused on World of Warcraft.

First, in FFXIV, I've been logging on daily to work on my Island Sanctuary.  I've now gotten it to level 14 and have upgraded all 3 of my Workshops to level 4.  The Island is back running reasonably well on its own, so it's not taking a massive investment of time each day to keep it humming.

Most of my time has been spent in World of Warcraft.  I did end up finishing the Iskaara Tuskarr rep, so I'm now just focused on the Niffem and the new Dream Warden faction.  My Niffem guys are sitting at level 11 and the Dream Warden's are still relatively early.

I also ran both wings of the new raid.  I had a ton of gear drop for me, mostly because there were hardly any casters in my groups.  Lots of hunters, but very few casters.  I found the first two wings to be pretty fun.  The bosses were challenging; you had to pay attention to the mechanics, but they weren't too ridiculous.  I'm looking forward to seeing the rest of it.  

Gear is pretty plentiful, which is excellent for late in an expansion.  I'm not sure I want to spend much time gearing up any alts, but I may take a look at it eventually.

I'm still playing as Destruction, but after looking at the Tier Set bonuses, I may switch back to Demonology, as those seem more fun.

I've also started leveling some alts again.  When I stopped playing Dragonflight, I had stopped on my Demon Hunter, so I'm picking him back up.  He's sitting at level 65 now, so halfway there, although still in Waking Shores.

I've played a bit of Guild Wars 2, doing a chapter or so of LWS4 now and then.

That's it for now.



Tuesday, November 7, 2023

A Busy Week for MMO's

 This is a busy week for MMOs, at least the ones I play.  We have new content dropping today in both Guild Wars 2 and World of Warcraft.  There was also an expansion announcement at Blizzcon last weekend and some faint signs that WoW might be getting some of its mojo back.  

I'll start with the not-new and shiny stuff.  In FFXIV, I've mostly been working on my Island Sanctuary, which is now level 13.  I recently finished upgrading my Cozy Cabin and both of my Granaries.  Beyond that, I'm doing Expert roulettes every day for tomestones and for gear to upgrade some of my alt jobs.  

In Guild Wars 2, I returned to working my Engineer / Machinist through the Living World Season 4 content.  I'll do the latest story content drops on both my Engineer and my Necromancer and then go back to working on him.  Once I get the Engineer caught up, I'll probably go back and do the Ranger, then pick another class to work on.  Maybe either Mesmer or Revenant.  

In World of Warcraft, I've been primarily working on finishing up the Iskaara Tuskarr rep, which I'm very close to completing, and then continuing to work on the Niffem folks.  I'll probably finish up the Guild Wars 2 stuff before starting on the new story stuff for Warcraft, although I want to make sure I'm geared enough to try the new wing of LFR when it releases a week from now.  

Of course, the new expansion was the other big announcement in the past week.  I have to say, I've always felt a strong personal attachment to both Thrall and Anduin, so that trailer really got me in the feels.  In a way they probably haven't since Legion.  

As an altoholic, I really like the idea of shared renown.  Hopefully, that's something they'll push back to old expansions eventually.  The hero point thing looks fine.  You know there had to be a thing like that.  It sounds like you'll also get dragonriding capabilities on pretty much all of your old flying mounts, so that could be fun too, although I'm not sure the Pandaria sky dragon things won't make me a bit ill.  As with most new World of Warcraft content, I'll definitely give it a try, and if it's not for me, I'll unsub for a bit as I've been doing lately.  But it seems I'll pretty much always give them a chance.

That is the update for this week.



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