Friday, October 20, 2017

Ding! Level 110 #22 Is Done

The monk is done.  Leveled him entirely as Brewmaster and never once looked back.  Found the spec to be pretty smooth and easy for leveling.  Consistent with every other class, getting to 101 with heirlooms seems to present the most challenge because the initial heirloom scaling at 100 is completely out of whack, but once you hit 101, everything becomes much easier.

Also finished the Arms Warrior since the last update, which I also really liked, and the priest.  Much like the first time Horde-side on the priest, I never did find a spec that I really liked.  Leveling as holy worked surprisingly well and honestly would have been fine just doing that the whole way.  I did end up switching to shadow at some point, but never felt really that great about it.

Working on the paladin as protection now, and then the demon hunter will be last to give me a full set of alliance toons of each class.  Then we'll start on the 3rd class set, which is another Horde set.  There's only 4 toons in that set currently sitting at 100 (hunter, warlock, druid and rogue), so it'll be further to go to get that full set of 12 to 110.  Although with the next expansion announcement still not here, there may be time.



Necromancer Done. Only Warden Remains

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