Monday, October 4, 2021

Thoughts on New World, FFXIV and other MMO's

It has been longer than normal since my last update.  I've still been playing a fair amount, so it's mostly from lack of feeling like I have much to talk about.  Since the last update, I not only got my Bard to 80, but also finished getting White Mage to 80 as well and currently have my Gunbreaker sitting at level 70.  I've also started working my way through the Omega raids, which are the only pieces of the normal raid series that I haven't done yet.

I also spent quite a bit of time in the Gold Saucer knocking out the requirements to get the car mount from the current special event.

I've been losing a little bit of motivation when it comes to FFXIV.  I continue to be very excited for Endwalker, which is only 45 days away at this point, but once Gunbreaker is done, I'm not sure I feel a huge amount of interest in starting the process with another job, at least for now.

I decided to purchase New World to give it a try when it released, just for something different to do.  There's been plenty of press already on the massive server and queue issues they have on release, which is almost funny in the context of a game operated by the one of the largest hosting services in the world.  I've given it a decent amount of play time so far, and I think I've concluded it's probably not a game I'm going to spend much time with.  In general, I'm not a huge fan of mouse click combat.  While it is undoubtedly a beautiful world, it's not one that I feel much connection with.

Part of the issue may be that I've struggled to find a weapon set that I feel comfortable with.  I've tried sword and shield, hatchet, great axe, warhammer, fire staff and life staff, and nothing has really felt right with my normal play style so far.  I'm not ready to completely give up just yet, but I'm less enthused about it than I was.

I've been thinking about splitting time between ESO and Guild Wars 2 while I wait for Endwalker to release.  Those both tend to fit my solo play style a little bit better and one of my great gaming regrets is that I've never gotten a character to max level in Guild Wars 2.  I've currently got a Sylvari ranger sitting right around level 20, so it might be a good break time to dive back in and see how far we can get.  I know there is an absolute enormous ton of content in Guild Wars 2 that I haven't experienced, so there is definitely some interest on starting to work through that.

That's it for now.



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