Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Professions Done - Still Working on Toon #31 and Paragon Farming

So with the Darkmoon Faire coming back to town this month, I finally managed to finish all of the professions and get everything maxed to 800.  This is without a doubt the longest it has ever taken me on any expansion.

I'm also still working on leveling.  My human death knight is sitting at level 81 and working his way through the Jade Forest in Pandaria.  Being able to fly in Pandaria while leveling is a nice improvement to the process there.  After the human death knight is done, I'll start working on the various allied races, although  I don't have much hope of getting those done before the next expansion launches.

I've also continued to work on farming paragon chests on 5 different toons in the hopes of getting the last few paragon mounts I need.  The ones I still don't have are Farondis, Dreamweaver, Valarjar and Nightfallen.  Might never happen, but hey,  it's something to do.

I'm about 10 mounts away from the next mount achievement, which I think would give me the green hawk thingy.  There are a few that would be pretty easily attainable:

Vial of the Sands
4 more Pandaria Jewelcrafting mounts
Giant Yak

Those 6 and the 4 paragon mounts would do the trick without having to do any dungeon or raid farming.  One of these days I'll also go back and knock off the 9 argent tournament mounts that I never got.

I've also been working on gearing up a few toons to make the initial leveling process slightly easier.  So right now, everyone has an ilvl of at least 840.  The average across all 30 max level toons is 870, which isn't bad.

That's about it for now.



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