Monday, April 29, 2024

Drifting Aimlessly Between MMO's

It has been longer than I would like since my last blog post - three weeks.  Part of that is because work and school have kept me fairly busy.  The other part is that I'm having trouble finding inspiration in games to try at this point, and most of my usual "Big Four" games that I play are all in a bit of a content drought at the moment, at least for the next month.  The new big content release for Elder Scrolls Online starts in early June, and then Dawntrail drops at the end of June, so everything should be good once we get to that point, but for now, I'm finding it hard to come up with something to engage in.

Here is the update on what I have accomplished.  I finished getting my Warden to max level in Elder Scrolls Online, so I now have a character of each class at max.  I think Templar, Arcanist, and Sorceror will be the ones I continue to play new content with, so I'm working on making gear for them all.  I've also been working on leveling professions on my Templar main, who already had Clothing, Blacksmithing and Woodworking at max level.  Jewelcrafting is getting a bit close. Alchemy is around level 30, and the rest are pretty far behind.  But it is something that I can focus on for the next month.

In World of Warcraft, I finished getting the Dream Wardens to max renown.  I'm also working on leveling my mage and my evoker, the last two classes that I need to get to max to have one of each class at max in WoW, something I didn't manage during Shadowlands.  The mage is sitting at level 66, so not too much longer, and the Evoker is still parked at level 60.

I also went back and did some raids in Final Fantasy to fill some gear gaps on some of my other jobs.  It's hard to get too motivated to do much of that since most of them will be quickly filled with poetics by the time I get to leveling them.  

I also periodically log on to Guild Wars 2 to do random stuff.   I'm still working towards non-original zone completion on my main, so I poke at that occasionally.

Work has been crazy because of a reorganization, and I now have exactly one week left to finish my Master's Degree in Accounting with a focus on Data Analytics. I'm not even sure why I'm doing the Master's Degree at my age, other than I don't have one, and I have thoughts of teaching at some point as I'm getting closer to retiring from my regular work.  In any case, I have two group projects due this coming Sunday to finish things up, so those are taking up quite a bit of my time.

Those are the updates for now,



Monday, April 8, 2024

Necromancer Done. Only Warden Remains

 I managed to get the Necromancer to level 50, so now only the Warden remains.  He's currently sitting at level 39, so it's not too far to go.  I've also continued to work on the remaining professions on my main.  I've gotten Jewelcrafting up to 45, but Alchemy, Provisioning, and Enchanting are far behind.  Once I finish with leveling, I'll probably just bear down and knock them all out in one go rather than doing a little bit using writs every day.  

The Necromancer was decent all the way through.  The way Blastbones operated changed while I was in the middle of leveling, so that sucked a bit, but I found other stuff that worked for me.

If I had to pick just a couple to play regularly, it would likely be Templar, Arcanist, and Sorc.

I also downloaded LOTRO, although I haven't had much chance to try it yet. I'm barely into the introductory tutorial.  

Finally, in World of Warcraft, I'm continuing to work on Niffem and Dream Warden rep. I'm about 1,000 rep away from having Neffem done, and I just hit 17 renown on Dream Warden, so I'm not super far away on them either.

Finally, we were in the path of totality for the solar eclipse today, so we got ourselves the safety glasses and went down to a local rooftop bar to be social and enjoy the experience.  It was a pretty cool thing to see and experience.  I'd post pictures, but there are hundreds of better photographers than me all over the country who did a much better job than I ever would.  

That's the update for now.



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