Friday, December 16, 2016

Working on Toon #7

So I managed to get my demon hunter to level 110 within a day or two of my last blog post.  While I really enjoyed it at first, the novelty wore off throughout the leveling process, and so I haven't been actively working on world quests on that particular toon.

I have been progressing his order hall quest chain a little bit, so I'll eventually have to cave and knock out the 20 world quest piece of that, but until then, he's spending a lot of time on the bench.

I've been enjoying the ret paladin in the world quest process a lot more than I enjoyed him while leveling, which seems odd, but the character just feels a lot better once he has some gear and artifact power.

My priest has also started down the leveling road and is sitting at level 105.  I'm leveling him as shadow.  I started out as disc, and while I was basically invincible, stuff wasn't dying particularly quickly, and rotation itself wasn't that much fun, so I switched.

I also went through a little exercise and finished the process of getting my first artifact weapon and unlocking the order halls on the last groups of toons that will be leveled.  That means windwalker monk, elemental shaman (which I may switch to enhance at 102...we'll see), subtlety rogue (I've never played sub, so figured why not, plus...he was combat before, and I didn't have a second dagger).  fire mage and fury warrior.

Of that group, the rogue quest line was by far my favorite, and the elemental shaman line was without a doubt my least favorite so far.  The elemental shaman artifact weapon quest basically wasn't something I could complete until another player came along and we were both hitting the boss at the same time.  #I'mNotLeet

So now that I've seen all the order halls, I'm not sure I have an absolute favorite.  I'm not a huge fan of the warlock one, which is kind of sad, since that's my main.  I also don't particularly like the death knight one since there's basically nothing at all new about it.  Priest, paladin and warrior are probably some of my favorites, just visually.

So that's the update for this week.



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