Thursday, October 19, 2023

All FFXIV Jobs at 90

This happened over a week ago, on October 9th, but I finally hit my goal in FFXIV and now have all of the regular jobs to 90.  Basically everything except blue mage.  With that done, I've mostly gone back to working on my Island Sanctuary, and am also running a few roulettes every day for tomestones.  I'm using the dungeon drops from the Expert Roulette to try to gear up my non-primary jobs, which is working out just fine so far.  Once I cap out on tomestones, I can also start using those for gear upgrades.  I've also been knocking out some of the hard-mode dungeons from ARR and Heavensward that I had unlocked but not completed.  Wanderer's Palace, Fractal Continuum - stuff like that.

As a result, I've been playing more World of Warcraft than I normally would.  I still don't have those last few faction renowns maxed, although I'm very close with the Centaur people.  Only about halfway there with the cave people.  I finished the Blue Dragonflight quest, which tugged at the old heartstrings.  I almost feel bad for killing all those blue dragons back in Wrath.  

Beyond that, I've also dived back into Guild Wars 2.  I still want to run my necromancer through the current expansion content, so I've also started on that.  I like the machinist, but the necromancer has basically 100% map completion everywhere, so there's something satisfying about that.

That's about all of the update for now.



Friday, October 6, 2023

Initial Thoughts on Patch 6.5 and Other Weird News (**some spoilers**)

On the release day, I managed to run through all of the MSQ content for Patch 6.5 and the new Alliance Raid.  I loved the story and thought it was an excellent wrap-up to the Endwalker expansion. The new dungeon was challenging but generally doable.  I'll benefit from watching a few videos before grinding it out regularly.  

The new Alliance Raid was an exciting story.  I'm still not sure what I think about the ending, but I'm not sure the gods were really getting all that much accomplished anyway.  So I suppose we'll be just fine without them.  As long as they're leaving some swirly gold AI-type thing to solve all our problems, I feel like we're probably in good hands.

The raid itself was extremely challenging.  I could catch on to the first two bosses pretty quickly, but I spent a lot of time tanking the floor on the last two.  I got one piece of healer gear from the whole routine, which was nice.

Beyond that, I'm back to leveling the Dragoon, who is sitting at level 85, so there is only a little longer to go on him.

In weirder news, I've started playing World of Warcraft again.  I was getting tired of ESO and Guild Wars while waiting for the new FFXIV patch, so I went ahead and started playing and getting caught up a bit.  It's odd how comfortable it feels getting back to my warlock.  

I did manage to get caught up on all the latest campaign quests and went through most of the Aberrus raid.  Got a couple of nice drops from there, and we'll see what shows up in my vault.  I have not tried the Sarkareth fight yet, but I might give that a try right after reset next week.  

I still need to finish up Renown on the Iskarr and the Centaur folks plus the new folks down in the cave, so that'll give me some other stuff to work through.  And I haven't quite figured out what this Dreamsurge crap is yet, so that's another thing.

That's about it for now.  



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