Monday, July 17, 2023

Elite Specs and Paladin Done

 Guild Wars 2

I will start with Guild Wars 2 this week.  I finished getting to max level on all the professions and also was lucky to find a couple of regular morning Heart of Thorns Hero Point trains, so also got the elite specs unlocked on all of those professions.  Everyone is basically geared up and ready to go at this point.

In terms of playtime, now that is all done, I've been mostly working on playing back through story content on my shiny new Mechanist and his big green robot friend.  So far, Mechanist has been a lot of fun.  We'll see how far through the story we can get him before the next big content drop in August.  I tried the Daredevil Thief a bit and wasn't really feeling it, but will probably try a few of the other professions in just general open world meta event type content and see how they all end up feeling.  

I may work on leveling up some crafting professions after this, at least trying to get them all to 400, but we'll have to see on that one.  


I finished getting Paladin to max level and am now focused entirely on Monk.  That job is sitting around level 74, so I do not have far to go with that one either.  I'm usually hesitant to level tanking or healing specs using either the leveling or alliance raid roulettes because I just don't have the confidence to do either of those well in situations where the group is clearly depending on me to not screw things up.  However, I may give it a try for Dark Knight once Monk is complete.

I don't know how Monky this is, but I think it looks good!

Wednesday, July 5, 2023

A Belated 14th Blogoversary

I have a huge amount of respect for those that can crank out decent blog updates almost every day.  I try to post updates every week and usually don't come close to achieving that relatively modest goal.  After a while, the slow, steady progress across 2-3 different games just doesn't seem much worth discussing.  

The 14th anniversary of this blog passed last month, as usual, without me even noticing.  If this blog was a child, it would know everything and be an absolute pain in the ass.  My child that is closest in age to this blog, has been struggling a bit for the last few weeks after having dislocated his knee-cap about two weeks ago.  Like the middle Joarling, he is also a competitive swimmer, so the injury has ended his competitive summer swim season.  His recovery so far has been going extremely well, and he's already doing well with physical therapy and is back in the pool on a limited basis.  He's also finally out of the massive full leg brace he started in and into something more manageable.  We hope he will be in good shape for this High School swim season, which starts in November and is fairly important to his college recruiting prospects for swimming.

On the gaming front, the past week has seen me splitting my time between FFXIV and Guild Wars 2.  I'm continuing to work through the Paladin and Monk in FFXIV and running the raid instance for gear on my Summoner.  I hope to finish that in the next week or two.  After I get the Paladin and Monk to level 90, Dark Knight will be up next and finish the Omni-90 parade off with the Dragoon.

Most of my time has probably been spent in Guild Wars 2, where I am working on leveling the last two professions that I don't already have at max - the Guardian and the Mesmer.  My Guardian is at level 74 so that one is almost done.  I've also been working on gathering hero points for elite specs for the other various characters that I've gotten to 80 recently.  I finished up Spellbreaker on the Warrior as well as Herald on the Revenant.  Next up will be Thief, who I will unlock Daredevil on, and then Engineer, although, at the moment, I'm undecided between Scrapper and Mechanist.  After those two, it will probably be Mesmer, Elementalist, and Guardian.  I have a pretty good path through the End of Dragons zones, so it's easy to farm up the 250 hero points needed.  After that is all done, I'll start working characters back through the various expansion and living world storylines unless the next patch for FFXIV comes through before then.

That's the update for now.



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