Wednesday, June 17, 2009

A Level 80 From Each Class?

One of my WoW goals that has always been floating randomly out in the ether somewhere was to level a toon of each class to 80. I've seen several people that have done it post out on the WoW Forums and for me, it's an extremely impressive accomplishment. While it doesn't require mastering the mechanics of each class, it does require a certain amount of knowledge and especially flexibility.

I've actually set myself up to be able to do this, with 9 Horde characters and 1 Alliance character giving me the complete class selection. I included an Alliance character on the list primarily because I wanted to be able to see all of the Alliance content and quests as well as those on the Horde side.

The problem is, in order to be able to do this, I think it would require focusing almost exclusively on leveling, and I'm just not willing to give up the other things that I enjoy doing with my toons that are already level 80 - including the occasional battleground, working on achievements, the Argent Tournament, Wintergrasp, etc. not to even mention raiding a few times each month. All of these things take a lot of time. Sometimes I check the played time on my toons and find that I've actually played Joar enough since hitting level 80 on each to have probably leveled 4 or 5 more toons to 80. So why don't I just do that and then go back to focus on the classes that I end up enjoying the most for endgame until the next expansion comes out.

So here's the set up along with the math:

Two toons already at 80:
Joar - undead warlock
Tormal - orc death knight

And here are the other 8 in descending order by level:
Reladaar - 53 draenei hunter
Branwyn - 29 tauren druid
Mograwn - 16 tauren shaman
Zinjar - 14 troll priest
Licious - 14 blood elf mage
Vindoria - 10 blood elf rogue
Joaridan - 7 blood elf paladin
Joara - 5 undead warrior

Now, let's say 8 days of played time is a decent target for getting each toon to 8, and let's say Reladaar probably only has 4 days left. That works out to a total of 60 days played time or 1,440 hours. Now, I probably play WoW around 40 hours per week. Sometimes more, sometimes less, but what that would work out to is about 36 weeks to accomplish getting all 8 remaining toons to 80. Which would put me at 10 level 80's by February 24, 2010. Is this possible? Is it even worth trying?

The biggest question in that equation is will the new expansion come out before then. I guess we'll know more after BlizzCon in a few weeks. It would also mean that any time that I wanted to spend raiding or doing Wintergrasp with my other toons would need to be on top of that 40 hours per week, or would delay my goal. So, we'll see how it goes for the next week or two.

I'd be interested in people's thoughts on whether it would be easy to level them one at a time, or to level each character a little bit then park them in an inn to accumulate rested xp while working on the next.

Also, just saw the news that there will be BoA chest pieces released with a 10% xp bonus that will stack with the current bonus for the BoA shoulders - so that should further reduce the leveling time.

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