Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Allied Race Update

So I feel like I need to write something, but then I struggle with what to talk about.  Things have been relatively quiet on the gaming front.  I took a week away with the family for spring break, so there was no gaming at all for that period of time.  With the Darkmoon Faire in town this week, I grabbed those extra 5 points for each of my professions.  At some point I'll need to buckle down and drive the rest of them over the finish line, but for now I'm content with my 5 points a month.

Mostly, I've been working on leveling my allied race toons.  My Nightborne has gotten all the way to 101 and will be starting on the Legion content soon.

My next highest is my Void Elf, who is sitting at level 60 and will be heading to Borean Tundra soon (although I may do another level or two in classic zones first).  You can see where the rest of the group stands on the main page of the blog.

So we're making good progress on all the allied race folks.

The Draenor content went really quickly.  I took the short cut to Gorgrond from Timeless Isle, quickly set up my garrison, then basically went back to Gorgrond.  The quests and bonus objectives there took me all the way from 91 to 101 in a fairly short period of time.

I'm going to see how well it works to stay in the Legion zones until 111 or 112 and will report back next time.



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