Tuesday, July 19, 2011

You Can Go Crazy With These

For some reason, it seems like Blizzard has done a much better job this time around of promoting some degree of immersion with the new Firelands / Molten Front dailies. As a serious altoholic, this can obviously result in spending huge blocks of time doing nothing but dailies. With 14 dailies quests per day from the Molten Front once you have everything unlocked, across 10 different level 85 alts, that works out to a whole ton of quests.

For those of you doing the math at home, that also works out to a ton of gold. Fortunately, I hadn't progressed far enough in Mt. Hyjal to have unlocked the dailies on all of my toons. At this point, there are two more that I need to quest on in order to unlock it - priest and shaman. I find with a decently geared level 85, it can be done in about an hour or two, so it's not a huge investment in time.

I'm also not progressing at the same pace on all of my toons. My warlock and my hunter are the furthest along with my death knight and paladin not far behind. I just managed to unlock them on the druid yesterday and am off to the races on that toon. Have not really started at all on the mage, rogue or warrior.

I'm also finding more than ever that there are plenty of things for me to do in the game - whether it is working on PvP on my warlock or mage, running heroics, working on dailies, leveling professions or even dipping into a little bit of raiding.

My guild is currently 2/7 in the new Firelands raid and invited me in for a few tries on Rhyolith the other evening. Very interesting encounter. It's a great fight for a destro warlock given the burst that I'm able to unleash on the legs to bring some quick turns. Getting used to "steering" a boss presents a bit of a challenge, but we learned quite a bit on a series of tries. We didn't actually get him down while I was there, but learned enough that the guild was able to get him down a couple of nights later.

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