Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Thoughts So Far on 7.0.3

So I've had the chance to give patch 7.0.3 a solid trial run at this point and have a few thoughts that I wanted to share:

  • I don't like the new name plates, but am still hunting for an add-on that produces an option that I like better.
  • Not a big fan of Outlaw so far, although I need to give it more of a try before reaching any final conclusions.
  • Both destruction and affliction feel different but okay to me as a warlock at this point.  Haven't had much time with demonology yet.
  • I've been leveling as BM on my hunter, which feels very different, but I like it being more about "send in the pets".  Marksmanship feels okay but very different.  Haven't had the chance to do much with SV yet.
  • I like shadow priests, although other than the new voidform thing, it doesn't feel all that different.
  • Loving the boomkin changes so far.
  • Mages are still mages.
I think I'm probably going to get that third hunter to level 100 before Legion drops at this point.  He's working his way through Pandaria now, so feels like I've got a decent amount of time to get it done.  That'll be #25 along with my level 100 boost (which I've already used on an Outlaw rogue).


Thursday, July 7, 2016

Step Away From the Mission Table!

Several things have recently come together at the same time to make me conclude that it's probably time to step back from the garrison gold-making efforts:

  1. The background downloader just fired up starting to dribble the pre-patch bits and bytes onto my PC.
  2. Yesterday was my best garrison gold-making day ever.  Granted, only by about 325g, but with what I feel was a still impressive 28,150g on the day, seemed like a good time to go out on a high note.
  3. I also had two fairly arbitrary gold thresholds that I was targeting.  One on my Horde server and one on my Alliance server and I managed to pass them both yesterday.  
So with all of that coming together at more or less the same time, I've decided it's probably time to back off of the regular garrison gold mission stuff and just focus on leveling until the pre-patch comes out and I can run as many toons as possible through that stuff.

Right now, my third hunter is sitting at level 68 and just started working his way through Northrend.  If I can get him to 100 before the pre-patch, I'd then switch to working on mage #3.

The focus during the pre-patch originally will be on my three mains - warlock, hunter and death knight, and then will spend a little bit of time on trying to get gear for my three undergeared Alliance toons - rogue, warrior and monk.

So that's the plan folks. 



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