Sunday, April 6, 2014

Act V Done on My Crusader - So Now I Do What?

So I finished up Act V on my Crusader this weekend, which ended up being really quite easy.  Not sure overall I enjoy the class as much as my Wizard, but it's still quite a lot of fun for me.  So my Crusader is sitting at level 45 or so, and I'm looking at the "what now" stuff - which seems to involved doing Adventure Mode bounties and Rifts at increasing levels of difficulty.

We'll have to see, but I'm not sure that's going to be enough to keep my attention.  I'm more of a quester and story line guy myself, so having to do the same stuff over again a few more times to get to max level...well, just not sure I'm going to be up for that.

And I really have no idea why I feel differently about that than I do about, say, running Siege of Orgrimmar over and over and over and over again.  I just do.  It's not even the possible drops and rewards from running Siege, because you get similar rewards from Adventure Mode.  I'm still going to give it a try to see if I can push the Crusader through to level 70, but I'm not feeling as enthusiastic about it as I was while finishing up the actual story line.

I've been working on the rest of the alliance army a bit as well.  I've got 7 toons left to go on the alliance side, and here's where they all stand.

Priest - level 48
Mage - level 46
Rogue - level 46
Druid - level 49
Paladin - level 49
Warrior - level 49
Monk - level 17

Having concluded I wasn't using my boost on my monk, I now need to go ahead and level that bad boy.  Which is a ton of fun anyway, so no issues there.

Should be getting the whole family off to Outland here in the foreseeable future, so that'll be fun.  And with that, they just started playing "Love Shack" by the B-52's.  Good music to kill gnolls by.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Reaper of Souls - Initial Crusader Thoughts

So I decided to assuage a little of my basic boredom around WoW by springing for Reaper of Souls.  I played D3 a little bit when it first came out but never really got into it.  Didn't have a single character past level 10, although I'd started a few.

So I thought I'd give the new Crusader class a try since I wasn't really invested in anything else.  So far, I've been enjoying it a fair amount.  He seems to have pretty good survivability - at least better than what I was seeing at low levels from my demon hunter or wizard - but puts out enough dps to get through most of the boss fights and large mob packs easily enough.

I'd tell you what build I've been using, but frankly, I've been messing around with it a fair amount, switching back and forth between Smite and Judge for my primary and trying a little bit of Fists of Heaven, Blessed Shield and Sweep Attack for my secondary.  It all seems to work fairly well.  Not sure it's as strong as other classes, but the AoE seems good enough to easily take down most large mob packs.

I've really been debating on the Utility spell.  Most of the builds that I see seem to rely on the Steed Charge, but I've actually really been enjoying using Provoke to get everyone's attention and rounded up so I can mow them down with my AoE.  Plus it is another Wrath generator which always helps as well.

So far, gear doesn't seem to be an issue.  Lots of interesting drops and plenty of legendaries to keep my character afloat as well as a few to set aside for alts.

Right now my Crusader is sitting at level 28 and just got started on Act III, so we'll see how it goes from here.

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