Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Jewelcrafting 450

So after hitting 80 this afternoon, I delayed focusing on my next alt in order to level Jewelcrafting on my fresh 80 Paladin. Let me caveat this by saying that I've been keeping an eye out for mats on my bank alt for several weeks, so while I didn't have absolutely everything, I already had a lot of what I needed. So, I managed to get my paladin maxed in Jewelcrafting in the course of an afternoon. Started at about 2pm and had it completely done by 6:30pm or so.

This will be a nice little source of funds, particularly when paired with my Transmute spec'd hunter. I'll just need to remember to get out there and hit those dailies every day, and maybe do a little mining on the Death Knight to keep him stocked in basic gems.

So, only two professions to go. Engineering, which I also plan to do on the paladin, but will probably save for later, and inscription, which will be the primary profession of my next toon.

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