Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Hunter PvP and Some Name Changes

So, as I mentioned in an earlier post, I'm easily distracted by new shinies, so I'm back to doing daily battleground quests and Wintergrasp quests on all of my level 80 toons. This is old hat for my warlock, druid and death knight, who all have basically a full set of last season's honor only gear (Deadly and Furious combinations).

This was however, the first time I was trying PvP on my fresh level 80 hunter. So, I quickly put my druid to work crafting him a nice set of PvP blues to get him started, and off we went to Wintergrasp. I checked out the player rankings on Arena Junkies to figure out what appeared to be the spec and glyph's of choice for the savvy PvP hunter. (And yes, I know, Arena is a lot different than battlegrounds or world PvP, so the specs don't tend to be completely ideal for what I'm doing, but until I get the feel for things, it certainly works better than my leveling spec!).

I've been really pleasantly surprised by how much fun I've been having with PvP on this hunter. This was a class that I enjoyed leveling, but I wasn't completely wowed by it. Just something I felt like I needed to finish since I got the character so far. And he did well in instances, but, again, not something that was really knocking my socks off.

But PvP with this guy is just a ton of fun. And he seems to do really well even in his crappy blue PvP crafted gear. So I'm really anxioius to see how he works once I get him some decent PvP gear. I enjoy PvP healing on my druid, because I feel like you can really do a lot to turn the tide of an entire battle with some good PvP healing. What you miss is some of the satisfaction of being in on the actual kill. The warlock is fun from a sheer power standpoint, but can be awfully squishy once two or more people get you in their sites.

The Death Knight has probably been my least favorite toon from a PvP standpoint. Strange, because they have so many tools at their disposal, but I think I'm more of a ranged guy at heart, because I just hate having to chase people down to beat on them.

The hunter seems to combine a little bit of extra survivability and a neat bag of tricks with some of the ranged power that I like on the warlock. So I may give the hunter a little extra PvP love over the next few weeks and focus on gearing him up more than the others. They're pretty far ahead of him anyway, so they can wait!

In other news, while an altoholic and someone that doesn't raid much, I'm still a member of a very large guild and enjoy the social interaction that goes with that. After months or confusing the crap out of my various guild members with all of my alts, I decided to go ahead and go on a renaming spree to make all of my guilded alts names some variation of my main - Joar.

I've been less than creative with some of them, but here are the new names for my level 80's and the paladin that I'm leveling now (who dinged 75 yesterday!).

Death Knight - Joardk (I know, creative huh!)
Druid - Joarwyn
Hunter - Joarshot (more creative juices flowing there)
Paladin - Joaradin

I haven't renamed the shaman, rogue or mage yet because they're currently unguilded, but I was thinking of the following wildly creative alternatives for those once I finally pull the trigger:

Shaman - Joartotem
Mage - Joarwand (or maybe Joarcane?)
Rogue - Joarsap

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