Tuesday, January 12, 2010


For the last few days, I've been pretty focused on leveling my paladin, so have managed to get him from 42 up to level 50. I've got to say that leveling the paladin is a lot of fun. The guy seems to be pretty unstoppable.

Adding a few core talents like Art of War along with getting Hammer of Wrath has made for a formidable rotation. I also just picked up Crusader Strike which gives me something else to do while I'm waiting for Hammer of Wrath to pop. All in all, it's big fun and seems to make for very fast leveling.

I'm still torn about my plan to switch and try to level through tanking once I get this character to Outland just because he's so much fun to just level through questing right now, and strangely enough, even for the 5th time through, I'm not entirely tired of the quests yet.

When I pick up my shaman next, I may switch him to resto and try the leveling through instance approach with him (although I may just quest from 28 to 40 first - seems like that might be a pain without Chain Heal).


  1. Good job on those 8 levels.

    I was enjoying my paladin for a while, but kinda went off of him for a bit, and he's sat at 32 at the moment.

    I actually moved back onto my shaman and I'm leveling as resto through instances, started doing that at 34, so far I can't see a need for a chain heal! Hardly anyone takes much damage and I find myself just DPS'ing alot while throwing in the odd lesser healing wave. I'm quite enjoying it right now.

    I'm sure as I get through the 40+ instances chain heal will be quite handy.

  2. Thanks Chris! I'll have to give it a try and see how it goes on the Shaman. I'm sitting at 56 now on the paladin, so continuing to make good progress!


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