Friday, January 1, 2010

2009 Round Up

Well, I spent the last few days of 2009 focused on leveling my hunter through Northrend, but ended up falling just a little bit short of my goal of getting him to 80 by the end of the year. 32 bars short to be exact. So, he finishes the year at level 78, and it shouldn't take me long to get him the rest of the way now. So, in addition to my existing 80's - warlock, death knight and druid, here's where I finished the year:

Tuvalu - level 78 hunter
Cador - level 41 paladin
Mograwn - level 28 shaman
Zinjar - level 27 priest
Vindoria - level 24 mage
Rukai - level 8 rogue

With the holidays, and some distraction from the new Dungeon Finder tool, plus the slower leveling pace in Northrend, I only managed 0.7 levels per day for the month of December, and it works out to a total of 0.83 levels per day since I started writing this blog back in June.

I plan to continue leveling these toons one at a time to pick up 2010 because I just find that to be inherently more satisfying. At that rate, if I'm able to pick up the pace to closer to 1 level per day, I should have the rest of these toons (excluding the rogue) to level 80 by the end of July. If Cataclysm still isn't out by then, I'll start leveling the rogue, otherwise, I plan to delete this rogue and pick up a goblin rogue as well as a goblin warrior to level through the new cataclysm beginning levels.

I've been using the dungeon finder tool once a day to level the hunter and have found the xp per hour to be somewhat competitive with questing. I've been lucky in getting some fairly decent groups, though. I've been pleasantly surprised with how competitive my dps has been with a Beast Mastery spec and a bear for a pet. I was doing about 1,300 at level 77, which seemed fairly decent. I'd be curious what the difference would be with a marksmanship or survival spec and a ferocity pet. I may do a quick respec and retame upon hitting 80 just to see what the difference works out to. Beast Mastery and a bear is still definitely the most efficient spec while leveling, and since it doesn't seem to do badly on relative dps, it seems fine to just stay that way for instances while leveling.

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