Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Some Actual Raiding

So I have actually had the time and schedule available to do some actual raiding over the past week or so, so I've taken a few forays into ICC. Please note, as I believe I've mentioned in this column before, that I am not a serious raider and my guild is not really a serious raid guild (although they're still trying to decide if they want to start pretending to be at least).

So I get invited into both ICC 10 and ICC 25 and both times caveat it that I'm nowhere even close to being at the appropriate gear level for this instance. But, I'm a semi-competent resto druid, so I'm happy to come in and fling hots around the raid group.

So I've seen a lot of strategies tried on Lord Marrowgar at this point - probably a total of 15 or so different attempts, but so far we haven't come anywhere even close to bringing him down.

It's interesting too, because this encounter very much tends to highlight very much how skills can sometimes mean so much more than gear. Our wipes tended to be almost exclusively because of our inability to quickly focus on bone spikes and everyone's general tendency to ignore the first general rule of World of Warcraft - "don't stand in the fucking fire."

So, despite being 700 or so GearScore points lower than everyone else in the raid, I actually did really well. Was near the top of the healing meters in hps and total for almost every attempt and seemed to be able to stay alive longer than just about everyone else - maybe it's because I'm a tree - so I've got an inherent character based fear of fire that makes me run just a little bit faster. Who knows.

Anyway, despite all the repeated wipes, it's been an interesting learning experience, and I have gotten a decent amount of Ashen Verdict rep out of it. So it's all good.

On the leveling front, I've gotten my paladin from 52 to 60 since last week, so he's now happily cruisingi through Hellfire Peninsula. I also got about another level or so on both my priest and my mage who are at 28 and 25, respectively.

I might take another shot at ICC either tonight or tomorrow, so we'll see how that goes.

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  1. everyone can stand out of the fire on marrowgar without having to dodge it.

    all dps and heals can stand at his back, with the boss facing the tanks, but in his hit box. he cannot originate fire in his own hitbox.

    try it. good luck!


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