Thursday, January 28, 2010

Server Down - Alliance Plans continued

So after doing what I thought was some very early planning for some alliance toons yesterday, the server that I keep all of my Horde characters on was down for some unexpected maintenance for a sizeable chunk of the day yesterday. So I went ahead and started to convert my alliance plans to reality.

I went ahead and set up all of the toons that are currently available (basically everything except for the two worgen toons that I have planned). I then went ahead and leveled everyone through their respective starting areas and parked them in their first available inn to start accumulating rested xp. I also decided to do something a little different on my alliance toons and use a common naming convention for all of them. So after a hard morning's work blasting everyone through their starting areas, here is where my new collection of alliance toons stand:

Melor - Night Elf Druid - level 6
Melbeast - Night Elf Hunter - level 5
Melwand - Gnome Mage - level 6
Melardin - Dwarf Paladin - level 7
Melvyk - Human Priest - level 5
Melwon - Draenei Shaman - level 7
Melarm - Dwarf Warrior - level 6

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