Monday, January 4, 2010

Ding! Level 80 #4!

Well - managed to get my hunter to level 80 today! So now I'm off to level the paladin next. He's sitting at level 41 now, so it's going to take me a while.

The final /played time on the hunter was 8 days, 10 hours. Not bad, considering I changed professions on him several times and also did a lot of general messing around.

A few observations - leveling beast mastery with a tenacity spec makes the leveling experience very easy. There were very few points, even with pulling multiple mobs, where things were too terribly challenging. He doesn't kill things as quickly as some other classes, but that didn't seem to have a huge impact on leveling speed. The need to carry ammo did increase the amount of time that had to be spent running back to vendors and mailboxes, so that hurts a bit.

Overall, I enjoy playing the hunter. I did immediately respec him upon hitting 80 to a standard survival spec that will make more sense for doing heroics and also went out and grabbed a wolf to replace my leveling bear. Not really planning to run any heroics, but might give one or two a try just to see. I do eventually plan to finish off his professions, so might q up for a few while I'm waiting on that.

So, now I'm off to the paladin, and back to Azeroth!


  1. Grats! And good luck with the Paladin! If you spec Ret it should take no time at all!

  2. @Scout - thanks! I do have the Paladin spec'd ret, and it does seem to be breezing by. I took a little bit of time to max out herbalism and alchemy on my new 80, but still seem to be cranking out quite a few levels on the paladin!


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