Wednesday, August 16, 2023

Blaugust 2023: A Regular Gaming Update

I have yet to hit my goal of two posts a week this week because things have been nuts on the work front.  I'm also doing some work travel for no good reason, restricting my playtime.  I flew down to Atlanta, Georgia, this afternoon to join a colleague down here in attending a Zoom call.  The other participants in the Zoom call will be in our corporate office in Ohio, where I flew from to get here.  But this particular person thought having me in the room with him would be great.  /Le sigh  

Not only has my blog posting time been limited, but my playtime has also been limited as a result.  But here goes:


I continue working on my Dark Knight and Dragoon jobs, which are sitting at level 70 and level 60, respectively.  There's probably not going to be a ton more progress on either of them since the new Guild Wars 2 expansion is dropping next week, and I'll be working through that content on my Reaper.  I am probably going to run through the current seasonal stuff to grab the Red Power Ranger outfit, as I definitely want to tank all of my MSQ roulettes as the Red Power Ranger for the rest of the time that I'm leveling Dark Knight.  

Guild Wars 2

So that brings me to Guild Wars 2.  I didn't get anywhere close to my goal of getting my Machinist current on content before the new expansion.  I did manage to get him through the end of Path of Fire, which felt like pretty decent progress.  The problem was I couldn't step away from FFXIV completely and was getting a little bit sucked into ESO.  There are elements of ESO that are more conducive to my schedule when things get a little busy, and I can't necessarily commit to the uninterrupted time needed to run a roulette or commit to a particular story instance in GW2.  


I managed to finish the Murkmire content, which brings me completely current on all non-thieving / murdering type content.  It was a reasonably typical ESO storyline, but despite that, I always enjoy them.  I also grabbed crafting writ certifications for everything so I can start leveling some of the crafts that I don't already have at max - mostly Jewelcrafting, Alchemy, and Provisioning.  If things free up a bit after finishing the new GW2 stuff and my last two FFXIV jobs, I may come back and work on those, but that may be a few months.

Those are really the updates for now.



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