Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Who Next? Anyone?

So I've been working on leveling my shaman, but he's still parked in Frostfire Ridge at the moment.  Having trouble getting up the motivation to level yet another toon at this point.

I did manage to finish the current legendary quest chain stage on my warlock and get my shiny new 690 ring.  I'm also only about 6 Abrogator stones short of also having it complete on my death knight.  The hunter isn't really all that close yet, sitting at around 40 stones.  I'm pretty confident he'll be done before Blackrock Foundry drops, at least in LFR.

My druid is now geared enough to be running LFR, but I've decided that three characters is more than enough to be working through the legendary quest chain.  I may change my mind at some point in the future, but at least for now, that's all I feel like running through.

I'm still trying to figure out who I really want to work on leveling next.  I've started on the Shaman, mostly because I want to get the level 2 Inscription Hut so he can crank out more war paints, but other than that I'm not really enjoying the leveling experience all that much at this point.  My alliance hunter just hit 99 last night, so that'll be my 5th toon to 100.  In MoP, I had my 5th toon hit level 90 within 2 1/2 months of lunch, so that would put us right around now, so I guess I'm about at the same pace.  I wasn't running LFR on nearly as many toons or doing the legendary questline on as many toons, but there was that horrifying rep grind and all those dailies, so I feel like I'm still a little bit behind.

I didn't actually get my 11th toon to 90 in MoP until almost 11 months after launch, so I have plenty of time by those standards (although that 11th toons was a monk that had to be leveled from 0).  In MoP, I managed to get my 10th toon to max level by the end of February, or 5 1/2 month after launch, which in Draenor terms would put me at the end of April.  That being said, I'm not feeling the rush this time around.  

I've been enjoying the Garrison Campaign quests on my warlock and have even been doing a few Garrison invasions just for fun.  This may finally be the expansion where I decide to settle down and just focus on a handful of toons.

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