Friday, January 23, 2015

Final Data on Druid Leveling

So a highly delayed DING here on the blogging front.  I hit level 100 on my 4th toon on January 18th.  As it turns out, the leveling time on this one surprised me a bit.  This is one that I had parked in his garrison in advance, accumulating leveling potions so that I could keep that xp buff up the entire time.

Now I will caveat this buy saying that my druid is almost always one of my slower classes to level.  Out of the classes that didn't start on launch day (which I always exclude, because it's always an outlier), in Cataclysm my druid was the absolute slowest of all the classes.  In MoP he was third slowest, exceeded only by the paladin (who in an unbelievably doltish move, I started to try to level as holy) and by my mage who were both about an hour slower in leveling time

Now in Draenor, I decided to try two things with the Druid.  Given the changes in the gear system, I switched to leveling as feral, which I thought would be faster than boomkin, and I made serious use of said xp potions, which I had not used on any toons before. 

The results were about 50 minutes faster than my hunter, which isn't bad, because my hunter is a beast, but about 20 minutes slower than my DK.  Unlike the previous 3 toons, I've decided I'm not going to spend any time running this guy through the legendary quest chain.  Instead, I'm going to try to gear him up through follower missions with the goal of eventually spending time in LFR.  But at least at the moment, running 3 characters through all of LFR every week seems a bit overwhelming, so I'm going to try to limit it to that.

Next up is the Shaman, my Inscriptionist, who I want to get higher level so he can produce more War Paints more effortlessly.  Because everyone else in the Joar empire is clamoring for free trinkets.  And they can be a rowdy bunch if they don't get what they want.  After that, it will likely be either the mage or my priest.

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