Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Progressing the Shaman

So I'm continuing to make good progress on leveling my shaman.  He's currently sitting at level 95 and working his way through Talador.  I don't really have much interest in raiding on this character at this point, so I'm likely going to just get him to 100 and then park him back in his Garrison and Orgrimmar to keep working on his professions.

I will likely finish the Highmaul Abrogrator stones portion of the legendary quest line on my death knight this week and am continuing to make good progress on the hunter.  I think I've decided that I'm going to limit it to those three characters at this point.  I may add one more at some point, but I'm definitely not looking to work through the quest chain on a toon of every class, which is something I'd originally considered.  While I will almost definitely level more to 100 than that, I think I'm pretty happy with the group working on the legendary quest line.

I'm still debating which toon is going to be next.  I'm leaning towards having it be a melee class, so that I can alternate between casters and melee.  Right now my monk has been parked in his garrison accumulating resources, but I may move the paladin into that position as well.

I'm not using xp potions on the Shaman because I didn't find it to be all that helpful on the druid.  That, and since the Shaman spent a decent amount of time early in the xpac continuing to work the glyph market, I really won't have good leveling speed data on him anyway.

The process of getting all of my professions leveled continues to be really slow.  I'm just taking the points as I need to craft various gear for alts, not really pushing to get anything done.  At some point I'll decide I just need to be there, but at this point, I've only got 3 or 4 that I've maxed at this point.

I'm looking forward to patch 6.1, especially the heirlooms tab.  Not much else in the patch that I'm all that jazzed about at this point, but I guess we'll see once it finally drops.  LFR for Blackrock Foundry also starts in a couple of weeks and I should be in relatively good shape to have all 4 of my current max level characters in a good spot to run that once it's open.

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