Monday, March 3, 2014

Level 90 #14, and How Quickly We Gear

So on Friday, I managed to finally push my warlock over the finish line to 90.  I did it sitting in an airport boarding area.  I've been spending so much time waiting for delayed flights lately, I was thinking it might be interesting, in a sadly disturbed and insane kind of way, to level a character from 1-90 completely while sitting in airports, waiting on flights.

So when Saturday rolled around, it then quickly became an exercise in how quickly could I gear this character up.  She was basically starting out with a full set of Timeless Isle gear, with the exception of the neck piece, which I thought I had, but apparently not.  Must have used it on the bloody paladin or something.

In any case, I then purchased a second trinket from the JP vendor and ran Arena of Annihilation for the weapon.  That got my character geared enough for ToT, but not quite there for SoO.

One run through ToT was all it took, particularly the staff off the twins before Lei Shen, as well as tier pants and pretty new boots, and my new femdorf warlock was all ready for SoO.

I did manage to get her through the first wing.  Of course the Immerseus trinket, that I waited months and months for on Joar dropped for the dreaded femdorf the very first time through.

So within 24 hours of hitting 90, I was able to get my ilvl all the way up to 499, partially also with the help of nice PvP gloves off the Celestials.

So we'll continue to work her through SoO as time allows so that she can become the 12th member of the Joar army to kill Garrosh.

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