Thursday, March 20, 2014

Lessons from a Boosted 60

So with my Warlords of Draenor pre-order, I went ahead and boosted by level 60 Shaman to 90, in the process earning him max level inscription and tailoring in the process.  The process seemed to work fairly well, was intuitive and easy to understand.  I then set about grabbing some quick Golden Lotus rep so I could learn the recipes for the spellthreads to start making some money.  Picked up a few extra glyph recipes in the process dropping off the mobs I killed for the Golden Lotus rep.

So far it has worked pretty well.

The only downside was the unexpected confluence of my decision to boost a 60 to take advantage of the veteran profession boost with Blizzard's decision to do a realm merge with my alliance server at the same time.  At least in the short term, the realm merge has had the immediate impact of cratering glyph prices, making it not nearly as lucrative as it appeared to be when I first started analyzing the process.

But glyph prices do tend to swing a fair amount over time, and I'm guessing a server merge is a fairly traumatic event to the local economy, so I'll stick it out for a while and see how it goes.

In the meantime, I continue to take down Ordos each week on an assortment of toons, run the occasional LFR here and there and am back to working on the rest of the alliance army.

Had an interesting run on my hunter this past week where I managed to get both best in slot trinkets to drop out of LFR in the same afternoon.  The turned around and had a Dinomancer Tome drop almost immediately on the Isle of Giants.  It was a good day to be my hunter.

Ordos finally put an end to his lucky streak by awarding him with the traditional double gold.  So you can't have everything.

I'm heading out on spring break next week, so won't be playing much or posting.  Will be soaking up the sunshine and barking at my kids to stop fighting.


  1. Are you still glad you did a60?

  2. Cain - so far, definitely. It's been really good having the professions maxed and I've been able to pretty quickly convert that to having a much better bankroll on my alliance server.


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