Tuesday, March 11, 2014

To Boost a 60 or a Low Level?

So now I'm completely torn.  The final announcement that boosting a level 60 character to 90 will also boost both of that characters chosen professions to 600 makes my decision on which character to boost just a little bit harder.  My alliance shaman, who is an herbalist and inscriptionist is currently sitting at level 50, and would be pretty easy to level those last few levels.  Having a max level inscriptionist would be a nice source of gold for my other toons on that server, so it's very tempting to go ahead and level that toon, especially with how quickly a monk can level to 60 with full heirlooms and the xp boost.

So I'm tempted to go ahead and level the shammy those few extra levels and boost him for the extra source on income on my alliance server (where I currently have exactly 0 maxed professions).

In other news, I've continued to do a little bit of LFR here and there on my monk, my paladin, my shadow priest and my shaman.  I've been trying to get those last few random drop glyph recipes on the shaman without much success.

I've also gone back to leveling the alliance side army and have gained a few levels there on the shaman, priest, mage and rogue, all of whom are in the mid to upper 40's.

So that's the story for now.  I'll be running Ordos on a quite a few toons over the next few days just to gear a few more folks up, for reasons that sort of escape me.  And in the meantime, I might be focusing on that shammy a bit more.

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  1. 60 all the way. It takes less time to get the monk to 60 then it would take to level two professions. I would use it on two crafting professions that are difficult to level or would help with making gold alliance side where you don't have maxed professions. Especially something that you could do to make gold with as little effort as possible like transmute Alch with a daily cooldown, where you don't play those toons as much.


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