Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Leveling, More Garrosh Kills and the Rest of the Joar Empire

So along the way a couple of weeks ago, I managed to get my 12th toon to level 90, my Alliance death knight.  He managed to ding somewhere around November 25th or so.  I've decided to bag the process of leveling them all a little bit at a time in order to maximize rested xp and just do them straight through one at a time.  It's likely not quite as efficient, but it'll be easier on my sanity.  So the hunter is up next and is currently working his way through the Valley of the Four Winds.  After that, the warlock will probably be next.

I've also managed to get a total of four toons to kill Garrosh at this point, my warlock, death knight, hunter and druid have all taken him down at this point.

My monk has finished through the 3rd wing, and I'm about half way through the second wing on my priest, so those two will be next, making #5 and #6.  After that, it's just my mage and shaman of the toons that are geared, and then I'll be back to running ToT a time or two with my warrior, rogue and paladin to finish getting them geared.  I may end up able to make the blacksmithing healing belt for the paladin in the next few days, which would likely put him over the edge of being able to go straight into SoO.  I may also do quick burden dashes to the burning chest on both the paladin and warrior which should give both of them a little ilvl boost as well.

Here are the changes in my various character's ilvl since my last report in late October:

Warlock - 531 -> 540
Death Knight - 512 -> 526
Hunter 509 -> 511
Druid 504 -> 511
Priest - still at 503
Mage - still at 498
Shaman - still at 498
Monk - 496 -> 502
Paladin - 487 -> 491
Rogue - 485 -> 493
Warrior - 484 -> 493

I'm also grinding out Shahao rep on my warlock for reasons that completely escape me, other than PRETTY MOUNT!.  So I'm spending about 30 minutes every day killing the requisite 20 yaungol.  Still trying to decide if I want to bother with the dinosaur bone grind.

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