Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Progress Towards Killing Garrosh on All Toons

So I managed to notch another Garrosh kill on another member of the Joar empire this weekend, with the priest taking him down.  That makes toon #5, and puts me approximately half way to having it complete across all 11 classes.  Except for an incredibly bad LFR group in the Downfall wing, I might have been able to get it done on my monk as well, but spent two hours watching a series of tanks wipe on the first set of trash in Downfall.  Apparently "don't tank lots of sentinels together" is way too hard to understand.

So after maintenance today, I'm going to take another shot at it on my monk which should make toon #6.  I also managed to finish the first wing on my Shaman this past week, so after the monk is done, the Shaman and Mage should be ready to start their way through.

I'm also hoping to make the blacksmithing healing belt for my paladin today, which hopefully will put him over the ilvl point of being able to run SoO as well, and give him a shot at being toon #9.  Then my rogue and warrior are both in the 490's and just need hopefully a single ToT run to push them over the threshold.

I've also been working on leveling my alliance hunter a bit, who will be my 13th level 90.  He's currently sitting about half way through 88 and working through Townlong Steppes.

With patch 5.4.2 dropping today, it's going to mean good things for all of my alliance toons.  Nice sets of Timeless Isle gear will be heading to both my DK and my hunter just in case I want to do anything further with them.

And my next toon to be leveled, the warlock, will now benefit from a full set of BoA gear, which should make his life immensely easier as well.

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