Sunday, November 24, 2013

My Female Role Models in Warlords of Draenor

So I don't normally get involved in the various controversies swirling around the Warcraft community.  My blog posts tend to be primarily focused on my recommendations and thoughts around leveling and handling large numbers of alts, but I've read some excellent material lately on this topic and had a point of view on this that I wanted to share.  This may get me flamed I guess, but I'm going to jump into the fray anyway.

"Daddy, weren't there any strong female leaders in the past?"

"Daddy, weren't there any strong female leaders in the past?"

Strangely enough, when I got to thinking about it, the idea of a Draenor from the distant past not containing any front and center female leaders who got to be in the painting so to speak, didn't seem all that different from our own past.  But does that mean those female leaders and role models weren't there.  Clearly not.

But does that mean that when I decide to time travel to go back to old Draenor, or to the time of the American Revolution, does that mean I'm shit out of luck if I need to find a good female role model.  Not at all, because fortunately for me, I take my role models with me.

It's too bad for the writers and developers if they've decided to not bring Aggra, Tyrande, Jaina, Garona, Sylvanas, Keristrasza or any of our other strong female NPC's along and give them a key role in the next expansion.  I'm also going to add Aysa Cloudsinger and Yalia Sagewhisper of the pandaren to the list.

But when I look around at the World of Warcraft Community and the people that I follow and that play this game every day, I see plenty of outstanding female leaders who will undoubtedly be running through the portal into Draenor with me.  Members of the community that aren't afraid to stand up and hold Blizzard accountable and generate dialogue about the decisions that are being made.  They're doing it now as Blizzard begins fleshing out it's new expansion.  A lot of time has past, but I remember a lot of the same folks speaking up and holding Blizzard's feet to the fire when Ji Firepaw was getting out of line and behaving inappropriately during the MoP beta.

So Blizzard could decide to the fill the next expansion solely with Gelatinous Blobs, and I'll still have plenty of female role models.  So Daddy, where are the strong female leaders?  Well here's a list.  Watch these people.  Listen to what they have to stay.  Engage in a dialogue with them, and I'm confident you'll be fine.

(I apologize for the people that I'm sure I left off this list.  This wasn't meant to be by any means comprehensive, just a list of folks that I quickly cobbled to together that I look up to and respect)


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