Tuesday, October 4, 2011

More Rift Leveling

On the World of Warcraft front, I've continued to run Coren Direbrew every day with the hopes of getting one of the mounts for my warlock. I've literally had one of the stupid mounts drop on all 9 of my other level 85's at this point, but so far nothing for Joar - the only toon on which I actually collect mounts. Oh well. RNG at its finest.

Beyond that, I haven't been doing much on the WoW front other than the occasional battleground or 5 man. I was toying with restarting leveling my alliance toons, but with the impending nerf to Northrend leveling, it seemed better to wait. I have started working on professions on my last two toons that don't currently have any. I'm likely going to do herbalism and alchemy on both just to have three sets of transmute cooldowns to work with.

On Rift, I've started focusing more on trying to get my Mage to max level before I pick up with my Cleric again. I did manage to run my first dungeon on the mage. Imagine my surprise when my queue actually popped while leveling. So I did a nice easy Kings Breach run. Didn't have anything that I could use drop, or get anything particularly good from the chest, but it was still a lot of fun, and really decent xp as near as I could tell.

So the mage is sitting at level 34 and getting ready to head to Moonshade Highlands.

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