Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Ah - Fresh Meat!

So I love Hallows End. And not just because it has another quick and easy mini-boss with a chance to drop nice shinies. I fully expect this to be the second consecutive holiday where I get every nice shiny item possible on every toon except my main. That's the risk you run being an altoholic I guess.

No, my real reason for my intense love of Hallows End has to do with the number of resilienceless players flocking to the battlegrounds to get those honorable kills for the world event achievement. Yum. Fresh meat in da house. Easy kills, standing out in the open, just waiting for me to frost bolt them, slide my dagger in their back and then set them on fire. OK, that might have all been on different toons, but it's still all fun.

It looks like there are no less than 3 new pets that can be obtained this year from Hallows End. A Creepy Crate that's obtainable at the end of a quest line that starts in the Inn in Orgrimmar. Then there are two that are purchasable with the Tasty Treats that drop from the boss each day and that can be obtained from completing quests and from trick or treating at pumpkins in various cities.

Besides getting started on Hallows End, I've mostly been working on professions on my last two toons that don't have them - my priest and my warrior. I've started leveling herbalism and alchemy on the priest and currently have them both in the 400's. I picked those two to have the extra daily transmute cooldown - either for epic gems, truegold as well as living elements. All are nice money makers for me, but I'm expecting epic gems to be a nice money maker after the next patch drops.

I'm currently debating whether to do the same thing on my warrior or whether to just pick up two gathering professions to feed the others. If that is the route, it'll likely be mining and skinning as those seemed to be the two where I was running short early in Cata for leveling my crafters.

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