Wednesday, October 12, 2011

A Bit of a Pause

Not much to report lately. Things have been very busy at work, so my play time has been very limited. I've mostly been running instances on my death knight working on gearing him the rest of the way for PvE via 5 mans. He did manage to get his first piece of T12 the other day which was very exciting.

I've continued to do a decent amount of PvP and the mage and warlock are both in full Vicious now. I'll probably be working on the shaman and the priest next.

I'm also closing in on the 60,000 HK mark across all my toons which is pretty exciting.

I haven't been doing much Rift at all lately. WoW seems to have grabbed my attention again at least for now. Maybe it's all this talk of 4.3.

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