Tuesday, September 27, 2011

WoW PvP and More Rift

So spent a big chunk of the weekend doing more PvP on WoW. My mage and my rogue are now almost completely geared out. I think once the two of those are done, I might start to focus more on Rift while waiting for the next patch.

On Rift, I've been a bit more focused on the mage lately, rather than the cleric, and have now gotten the mage to level 31. I'm finding the warlock / necromancer combo to have a lot of survivability and almost no downtime from a leveling standpoint. I'm currently rolling through Scarwood Reach, having finished Scarlet Gorge a little before I thought I would. I think I probably abandoned Gloamwoods a bit to early.

In any case, the leveling process has been pretty straightforward so far. The story line through each zone is pretty decent and each individual zone tends to have a culminating event type quest and story line that's very similar to the way WoW has redone many of the new early level zones.

My only major issue continues to be ease of transport between zones. It looks like so far that there is only one city in each zone with a "portcullis" that allows faster transport between cities. So there's no easy way to get between major bases in each zone. Also, while in the earlier zones like Silverpines, there were calling trainers in that same major city, that doesn't appear to be the case anymore, so it requires heading back to one of the major cities to train new spell levels every few levels.

So far, incorporating leveling through dungeon queue's doesn't seem to be particularly feasible given the incredibly long queue lengths - typically well over an hour, unless you sign up for healing or tanking. All that being said, it has still been an enjoyable leveling process overall. My goal here is to get a character of each calling to max level before the release of SWTOR. We'll see how that goes.

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