Thursday, October 8, 2009

Ding! 80 #3!

Well - I haven't had much of a chance to provide any updates lately, but I did manage to ding 80 on my druid a little over a week ago! I quickly worked on completing the Sons of Hodir quest chain so that I could start doing the daily rep grind for Sons of Hodir. My druid is a leatherworker, and I really want the pattern for the Mammoth Mining Bag that you get at Honored for them. Or at least my Death Knight miner really wants my druid to get that pattern.

I also went ahead and moved my alliance hunter over to horde and over to the same server with all of my other Horde characters. I was quickly finding out that there wasn't enough of a difference in the quest lines between the two factions to make it worthwhile for me and the synergies to be obtained from having all my toons on the same faction / same server vastly outweighed the miniscule differences in lore.

I think rather than pushing to get the hunter to 80, I'm just going to put him into the leveling rotation with the rest of my toons. I may work on getting him to 65 fairly quickly simply because I want to be able to max him out on alchemy somewhat quickly in order to have the transmutes available. My son has managed to max out his Death Knight on Jewelcrafting - and did it all by farming / prospecting..didn't buy a single thing! I thought that was particularly impressive.

In other leveling news, I'm also working on getting Crusader for Joar. I've decided I want to save my badges for gear, so I'm going to use Champion seals to get the BoA chest pieces to help with my various toons leveling.

Finally, my paladin recently hit 27, my mage hit level 18 (what a disappointing list of new spells at 18... :-( ) and I'm planning to spend a little bit of time on the Shaman next.

Oh, and I've been working on accumulating a nice set of PvP gear for each of my level 80's, mostly by doing the Wintergrasp quests which are always a blast!

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  1. Want an easy way to get some XP as well as gold for leveling alts? Farm the different raptor hatchlings.

    Send your paladin to the Wetlands, to kill the Razormaw Matriarch (the raptors are around level 27-30).

    Send the mage to the Barrens, once they hit 20 and get a mount. Takk the Leaper is an rare 18 I believe.

    If you have anyone around level 36-40, send them to Dustwallow Marsh, to kill Dart.

    Each one of those will drop a hatchling. If you log on to them a couple of times a day, just long enough to do a /target XXXX, it'll be worth your while. My rogue Psilentkill leveled from 27-32 just off of kills from running around the cave where the Razormaw Matriarch hangs out.


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