Tuesday, October 20, 2009

When Did Priests Become Fun?

So I was getting a little bored of the endgame stuff on my 3 level 80's, and decided to go back and pick up my lowest level toon - my priest / auction house toon. He's been stuck at level 14 for the longest time.

So, I was messing around with him a little bit yesterday and was surprised by how much fun I was having. I managed to get him to 15 and half way to 16 in just an hour or two and really had a great time doing it. Had no problems at all on the Barrens quests - some of which have given me a great deal of trouble on other toons - particularly the one where you have to pick up the crossroads crates that are stuffed in an area with zillions of patrolling mobs.

I was very pleasantly surprised that even if I managed to pull 2 or 3 mobs, all it really meant is that I needed to reapply my shield once or twice, but as long as I kept everyone DoT'd up, they seemed to go down without me taking much if any damage at all. Never did actually have to pop a heal on myself. My spirit tap talents seemed to keep my mana replenished without me having to drink as much as I'd remembered from originally leveling this toon.

I was also thinking about going back and doing the Onyxia attunement quest line on my death knight. Ever since they dropped the attunement requirement to get into Onyxia's Lair, I can't imagine that too many people are still doing these quests, and I really enjoyed it lorewise. Plus, I can't imagine there are too many death knights that have actually done the thing, so thought that might be fun.

I went ahead and abandoned my experiment with leveling my mage as fire and re-re-respec'd her as frost again. So we'll see if she stays off the shelf with that new spec.

In other fun, I ran a 25 man Ulduar with a former guild of mine on Saturday. It reminded me why I don't really enjoy raiding all that much. All bosses that I had killed before that seemed much harder with this group for some reason and several wipes on Ignis and Kologarn - probably a combination of people not understanding the fights and people having had too much to drink by the time we got that far. So, three hours of effort and 70g or so in repair bills for less emblems of conquest than I could have gotten from a single heroic Nexus run. Oh yeah..that's why I don't raid much. I really enjoy coming in occasionally as a late sub with my guild, because they tend to plow through everything. I'm not really looking for loot (and they know that) unless absolutely no one else wants something or can't use it on their 14th off spec - I'm just happy to see the content, and they don't mind as much that I'm not top of the charts on dps because they understand that it's just not my thing.

Don't get me wrong, my dps is usually pretty respectable - at least 3K - but half the time if I can raid, I'm playing on a laptop on hotel wireless somewhere, so I'm somewhat hampered by my RL gear. I can usually do about 25-50% better from a dps standpoint on my desktop on a dedicated line at home - but that's an extremely rare occurence when I can raid that way.

I also spent a decent part of the weekend putting together a tanking set for my death knight. There seems to be a general lack of tanks to run heroics for my guild during the day, so I thought I'd gear up and spec out my death knight for the sole purpose of helping guildies do badge runs. I'm a Titanium Earthguard Ring and Necklace short of my optimal set, but hopefully someone will put one of each of those on the auction house soon!

That's about it for this week. Will likely continue messing with the priest for a few days until picking the mage back up. And I've been tinkering with the idea of knocking out all the Azeroth and Outland dungeons on my death knight just for fun.

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