Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Pally Power!

I know I discussed my indecision on which class to level next a couple of months ago when I was working on leveling up my druid and was debating whether it made more sense to just go with the pally even though he was a few levels behind. Well, I finally made it back to my pally in the rotation of toons that I'm leveling - and holy crow - still massive fun!

Maybe I'm just meant to be a paladin.

I managed to get the Paladin from 28 to 32 yesterday. I also was able to get my hunter from 60 to 62. Will probably continue to work on the paladin this week. If I focus on the paladin, I'll probably switch his professions to herbalism and alchemy. My son finally maxed jewelcrafting on his death knight, so we desparately need a maxed alchemist in order to do some epic gem transmutes! He was working on it on his level 70 hunter, but if I wait for him, I might be doing Cataclysm gems before he gets around to it.

Probably easiest to drive the hunter those last 3 levels to 65 then just bang it out on him, but I'm having so much fun with the pally.

As near as I can tell, an elite mob for a pally is one that gets two-shotted instead of one-shotted. It probably helps that my max BS death knight is keeping my pally nicely equipped in gear, although I appear to be reaching a point where that's not going to work as well for the next few levels. So we'll see.

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