Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Still Not 80...

Well - my travel and work schedule last week and this past weekend along have gotten noticeably in the way of me getting Branwyn the rest of the way to 80. I did finally manage to hit 79 yesterday, but almost exclusively through questing. I just don't have the patience to wait for the battleground q's in order to level through the battlegrounds, so I've basically just given up on it. It's really not that difficult to just quest the rest of the way. I may give it one more shot on Wednesdasy doing chain AV's to see how it goes and how long the Q's are. Wondering if they've gotten any shorter since the XP nerf hit.

I'm also toying with the idea of picking up my Death Knight after I ding 80 on Branwyn and being a little bit more active with him. I was messing around with spec's and test dummies yesterday and was really surprised with the consistent level of dps I was able to maintain with fairly crappy gear. It would be a decent amount of work to go back and get the Sons of Hodir rep, but it might be worth doing. I've also been wanting to just go through and do a ton of the Classic and Outland dungeons on one of my 80's, and it just seems like that might be easier on the Death Knight than on the Warlock - who tends to be a bit on the squishy side for instance soloing.

My other choices were to finish leveling my alliance hunter - currently sitting at level 60, which would probably take at least 24 hours of play time to get to 80. Or to level a paladin, which would probably be slightly better than the Death Knight for what I'm looking to do, but my pally is only at level 26, so I'd be looking at a ton of time to get him to 80.

Either way, I will definitely be leveling both the hunter and paladin all the way to 80 eventually, but I may spend some time doing 5 mans on the Death Knight and grinding Sons of Hodir and Argent Tournament stuff in the mean time. I might try to get Oracle Rep on the Death Knight too. Never bothered with that on my warlock, and might be fun to try. Oh - and will still almost definitely spend time leveling my other toons as well!

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