Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Woo hoo blacksmithing!

Well - this has certainly been a productive week. Branwyn just dinged 73 today. He'd probably be much further along, but I've been working on other stuff on my other toons. I know - total lack of focus. It happens to us altholics. As long as I'm having fun, I don't really care.

I am definitely just going to level Branwyn another 5 levels through questing to 78 and then will outfit him in the crafted PvP gear and go from 78 to 80 through battlegrounds, just for fun. Unless I get further distracted, I think this weekend will be focused on getting Branwyn the rest of the way to 78 and hopefully get some battleground runs in.

So my big distraction has been blacksmithing. I finally managed to get Tormal essentially maxed. What do you mean by "essentially" - basically I'm at 440/450, which means I can make all the high level stuff that I want. As near as I can tell, there are no new recipes to pick up at 450. I've got I'm maxed, right? So I can finally make myself a Titansteel Destroyer and get rid of that rather pathetic De-Raged Waraxe I've been rolling with. And Branwyn will have his Titansteel Guardian all ready for him when he hits 80!

I also finally managed to get Joar those last couple of points in enchanting, so now he is legimately maxed at 450 - which does make a difference in enchanting since you can only do the stamina bracer enchant at 450...

Oh - and I continue to sneak over to my alliance hunter who recently hit level 60. There are enough differences between the Alliance and the Horde quests in Outland to keep me at least mildly interested.

Once Branwyn hits 80, I've got some decisions to make. I would like to finish leveling my hunter, although I'm increasing thinking of leaving him on the alliance side so I can continue to see all of that content. I would like to level a toon with herbalism and alchemy - which will come in very handy with my other profs for the transmutes - but can't decide between picking up the pally or the shaman. Seems like both would be fun. We'll see.

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