Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Hey, It's September?

When the heck did that happen. Wasn't it just July? Where did the summer go?

A couple of interesting developments this week on the character front. My druid has now finished up Hellfire Peninsula and is now questing comfortably through Zangarmash, which he finds much more appealing because of all the Cenarion influences around! He's level 64 now. The only new development at that level was Lifebloom, which he'll be using pretty extensively once I switch him to resto at 80. But for now, my dungeon requests seem to center around tanking, not healing.

I've also decided to go ahead and finish leveling the professions for my Death Knight, Tormal. Mining and Blacksmithing. Part of this is a desire to have great gear available for when I finish up the druid and start leveling my paladin again. Part of it is I hate not being able to mine every time I have this toon in Wintergrasp and there's a Titanium node RIGHT THERE..and I can't do anything about it.

My son is also in the process of leveling up Jewelcrafting, so those will work well together. Anyway, those professions may get the bulk of my attention this week (or at least for the next couple of days) and then I'll return to the Druid.

I'm in much less of a rush to level now. Once the paladin is done, I may level the Shaman, or I may just wait and continue leveling other classes once the expansion comes out in the hopes that they will make the Azeroth portion as good as the Outland and Northrend portions are now. Oh, and my Alliance hunter is still waiting at 58 to be leveled the rest of the way. I may wait for faction changes on that one. I did a few of the early quests in Outland and was somewhat disappointed to realize they're basically exactly the same has the Horde quests, just a different quest giver. I'm assuming there will be some differences eventually - not likely to do the Mag'har chain for example - but my initial disappointment was enough to put that toon back on the shelf. He'll likely sit there until the paladin is done. Poor Reladaar.

I think I've also settled on my profession mixes at least for now. I currently have Tailoring, Enchanting, Mining, Blacksmithing, Skinning and Leatherworking covered between the toons I now have close to 80. The hunter is also skinning and leatherworking, but I will likely change that. I'm thinking the paladin will go herbalism and alchemy (although I might save that for a goblin) and then I'm just wondering if I even want to bother with either inscription or engineering. I'm thinking no, but we'll see.

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