Thursday, August 4, 2022

Blaugust 2022: Topic Selection

This blog has never really intended to be a way for me to develop some kind of massive audience - good thing, huh!  It has always really been about a place for me to store a record of what I've been getting done with the video game side of my life.  Sort of like a personal diary for my online gaming persona, Joar.

As a result, I tend to fairly strictly limit what I discuss on the blog to topics that center around gaming and the games I'm playing.  I have gone on tangents on things that are more closely related to my real life, like the various posts that I've written analyzing Blizzard's SEC filings and earnings releases.  I'm in finance and accounting in real life and in previous roles, have been responsible for the SEC filings and earnings releases for my own company.

I do, especially now, as I discussed in my first Blaugust entry, play several different MMO's, so the blog isn't strictly dedicated to World of Warcraft anymore.  I feel comfortable talking about different games that I'm playing and what I think about them.  I'll also talk about things that are tangentially related to those games, like how their community relations seem to work, how their finances look, and general thoughts on the developer team. 

I don't generally get at all political on the blog and tend to stay pretty far away from current events and real-life topics.  There have been minor isolated exceptions to that rule, but in general, it's a mantra that I follow pretty closely.  I've debated changing that stance, particularly over the last few years when I've felt like I have less to say about games, and more to say about other topics, but so far I've held to that rule.

Leveling has always been my real passion with these games, so I tend to spend a lot of time talking about tips and advice for dealing with solo open-world content.  Each week tends to just be an update on what I've been doing and the progress that I've made.  If there is a significant development, patch, or release for one of the games that I've been playing, I'll also generally provide my thoughts after I've had a chance to play it through.

That's it for today's update!



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