Tuesday, July 12, 2022

Updated Thoughts on Shadowlands Leveling

 Now that I have finished leveling my death knight, and am about 3/4 of the way to being done with my druid, I have some updated thoughts about the current state of the Shadowlands leveling process, especially concerning alts.  My initial feeling as I picked up the death knight after a 15-month break is that not much had improved from where I had left off.

Having now spent more time with it, both on the death knight and the druid, it does now feel a lot more smooth to me than I was initially thinking.  The time it takes to fill the bar for each area that you pick for Threads of Fate seems to move fairly quickly, particularly if you're also picking up the world quests in that zone and also running the dungeon quest from that zone once while you're there.  As has always been the case with WoW, sometimes the groups that you get are a complete dumpster fire, but probably sixty percent of them have been fine so far.

My only issue is that on both the death knight and the druid, I finished all four primary zone threads of fates and still had not hit max level.  In general, it was then just a matter of knocking out a world quest or two or running a random dungeon or two, and that seemed to do it, but it does feel like that is something that could be tweaked a little bit.  I have not tried doing either the Torghast or Battleground Threads of Fate, although I probably should.

I did use the Darkmoon Faire to max out the warlock's cooking skill, so now it's just fishing that he needs to finish up to have all of his professions maxed.  I haven't really done anything on any of my other main toons on professions and probably won't.  

I'm still making good progress on Joar on reputations.  I'm getting pretty close to Revered with the two new factions and am fairly close to Exalted on everyone else.  Once I get there, I'll need to decide how many fancy new mounts I want to buy.  

That's pretty much it for this week's update.



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