Wednesday, July 20, 2022

Finished the Bastion Covenant Campaign, and Druid to 60

 I finished up the Bastion covenant campaign on my death knight yesterday, marking the last of the covenant campaigns that I had not yet completed.  I honestly thought there'd be something more compelling than just an achievement as a reward for that., given how Shadowlands seems to hand out mounts and pets like they're candy.

I also bought the remaining mounts that I didn't have for Night Fae on my warlock.  I need to go back to the other quartermasters and see if there are other mounts that I can buy as well.  I'm guessing there are.

The Bastion campaign was a good story.  I have a hunch that it was probably pretty similar to the Maldraxxus campaign, but since I did that one at least 15 months ago and have no memory of it, I found the whole thing pretty entertaining.  

On the druid, I once again finished all four covenant zone Threads of Fate without having hit level 60, so this time I picked the Torghast Thread of Fate and did a relatively quick Torghast run.  That did manage to get me the rest of the way to level 60.  Time-wise, I'm not sure it was any faster than a couple of random dungeons or running around knocking out a few world quests, but it was generally fine.

Contrary to my previous statements, I've now picked up the next alt on the list, my Demon Hunter, and have started leveling him as well, to take advantage of the xp buff that was just released.  I didn't apparently advance him at all after BofA, so I was able to elect the storyline option for him.  We'll see how that works out versus the Threads of Fate approach.  Based on the 10-hour leveling time with my druid, with a 50% xp buff in place, it should take 6 hours and 40 minutes with the next toon, so the evaluation will be whether the storyline is faster or slower than that.  

I've also continued to run the relevant two wings of Sepulcher each week on Joar in an attempt to get my four-piece set bonus, but I've been completely unsuccessful at that so far.  Beyond that, I'm just doing dailies and callings to get the last four reputations to exalted that aren't already complete - Maldraxxus, Revendreth, Korthia, and Zereth Mortis.  The first two are relatively close.  Death's Advance is about halfway into Revered and the Enlightened are about to ding Revered, so I'm pretty close in general.

That is about it for this week's update.



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