Tuesday, July 26, 2022

Goals for the Rest of Shadowlands

I'm typically much better organized when it comes to having particular goals to achieve pushing towards the end of an expansion, or in many cases, already being planned for going into the next expansion.  Having just returned to the game after a pretty long break, I am not quite at my normal levels of preparation and planning.  

I was going back through some old blog posts and realized that my "Returning to Warcraft" blog post from last month was pretty close to being on the 13th anniversary of starting this blog.  That's a fairly long period of time to do anything like this.  With Blaugust coming up, I plan to write about my blogging history in the early weeks of that.

In World of Warcraft, I've pretty much been keeping to the same routine, working on Zereth Mortis and Korthia dailies and doing the calling and Maw invasion thing if they are factions where I still need reputation.  I've also been running wings 2 and 3 of LFR each week, trying to get more tier set gear.  

The leveling on the demon hunter is progressing well.  He's still working his way through Bastion and is around level 53.  I haven't had too much play time during the last week because of various real-life issues including work and out-of-town swim meets, so that has limited progress fairly significantly.

I did jump back into FFXIV briefly and finish up the Stormblood portion of the Hildibrand quest line.  If you enjoy funny stupid stuff, I still say that is one of the greatest things that has ever been done in a video game.  It always makes me laugh and smile.

There's a group line dance number at the end of the quest chain.  What more needs to be said?



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