Tuesday, March 2, 2021

The Painful Push Through Heavensward DOH/DOL Leveling in FFXIV

Boy did I hit a rock wall on leveling my DOH/DOL jobs after my last blog post.  As it turns out, the materials for Grand Company turn-ins once you get past 50 for most of the DOH/DOL items become truly prohibitive.  Lots of rare materials that may only appear at certain times with very low harvest success rates. 

Gear also becomes a major issue with crafting those items for the turn-ins as there seems to be a serious jump in stats needed past 50.  And crafting the gear needed for yourself is subject to the same issues as the GC stuff that you're trying to make to turn-in in the first place.

The answer for me ended up being switching to Ishgard Restoration.  My pre-50 gear seemed to work just fine for the level 40 Ishgard Restoration items which gave plenty of xp for leveling the DOH jobs from the early 50's to 60.  Plus gathering in the Diadem naturally progressed my DOL jobs.

If I had been willing to do the rather long unlock quest line at the time, unlocking the Moogle Beast Tribe dailies likely would have helped during the process as well, but I didn't think of that until it was too late.

My plan, which seems to be working pretty well so far, was to craft a full set of early 60 crafting and gathering gear since the Stormblood stuff seems to be a bit more straightforward.  

I also unlocked the Namazu Beast Tribe quests and used those to move my various DOH jobs up from 60 to 62 or so until more of the new gear could be used.  And at this point, I'm now back to being able to use the Grand Company turn-ins to get about a level per day on each of the DOH jobs.  Plus an additional level a day from the Namazu stuff.  

I briefly flirted with going back and trying to get current on all the profession quests, but ended up deciding that wasn't necessarily worth while.  

Here is where I currently stand with all of them:


Weaver - 63
Goldsmith - 62
Alchemist - 62
Blacksmith - 63
Leatherworker - 62
Culinarian - 63
Armorer - 63
Carpenter - 63


Miner - 65
Botanist - 65
Fisher - 60

Elder Scrolls Online

Since I've been very focused on FFXIV lately, I haven't made much progress on ESO.  My Sorceror is sitting at level 25 and working through Coldharbour.


Death Knight is still sitting at level 54 and still hanging out in Maldraxxus.  Not much going on there.

That is the update for this week.



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